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All In The Details

The city is all about ease and comfort, especially when the humidity levels begin to rise. Whether it’s running to meet a friend at the park or grabbing a bite to eat at the Shake Shack, a city Fashionista/o knows that they have to be on their style toes at all times. All it takes is one day of speed walking many city blocks to quickly learn how seamlessly style and comfort work together. This Fashionista’s simple and chic look is perfect to welcome in the new summer season. From her crochet trimmed crop top to her high-waisted jeans and lastly to her effortlessly cool Converse sneakers, this Fashionista is ready to explore the city to its highest possibility.

All I can say is that this Fashionista is ready to celebrate this weekend’s Fourthof July festivities. All that is missing is a red accessory and she’d be all set! The holiday attire aside, this Fashionista’s use of a mix of blue and white tones instantly takes me away from the city setting and to a relaxing beach somewhere. The colors and hues you choose to include in your daily looks give off various vibes and feelings and is always something you should think about when putting together an outfit.

Delving further into this Fashionista’s look, the simple details of each piece bring the entire outfit together. What first caught my eye was the crochet trim of the crop top. It allows anyone to embrace the crop top trend without being conscious about her body and the crochet trim is cute to boot as well. The trim instantly draws your eye to her high-waisted jeans and to the neat cuffs at the bottom, which nicely introduce her worn in Converse sneakers. I love how each piece leads into the next and complement each other instead of one piece taking center stage.

A look should always be cohesive and have a message, which completely depends on your own personal style and how you feel when you first get dressed in the morning. That’s the fun aspect of fashion—everyone has a different story to tell, which can be conveyed through clothes. It’s up to you to interpret them.

How To: If you’re still finding your inner style voice, have no fear! Start simple and grow from there. Whether you’re interested in comfort, simplicity, style or ease these are all good foundations to build an outfit off of. To make this Fashionista’s simple and chic look work for you, try sporting a similar crop top with a decorative accent. Match it with a light pair of shorts and top it all of with a cute sneaker. Whether you’re running around the city or into the ocean, you’ll be more than ready to express your inner style voice.


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