ALL IN THE DETAILS: Patterned Palooza

All In The Details

Move over, modern-day Fashionstas/os because this groovy gal’s comin’ through. Looking as if she stepped out of a 1960s car advertisement, she absolutely rocks these retro threads. I mean, come on…10 out of 10 greasers would drop dead at the sight of this babe. As a sophomore at College of Charleston in South Carolina, this Fashionista owns those cobblestone streets with utter confidence and creativity. Luckily, I stumbled upon her in Chicago, her hometown.

Check out this one-of-a-kind skirt; it definitely makes a statement. As a true Fashionista, she made the bold decision to wear it. Just take a look. Don’t you just want to stare at her legs all day? Or…maybe you don’t? Anyways…

While it can be intimidating to mix multiple prints in one outfit, that doesn’t mean it’s against the rules. This Fashionista chose one simple print, the black and white polka dots, and paired it with a floral pattern. It’s spunky and vivid yet not overpowering. To top it all off, she added the yellow belt, which was the perfect finishing touch. Because of that, the yellow in the skirt pops. The belt is the perfect dividing line between the two patterns.

Keep this tip in mind: if you’re mixing patterns, pick one simple-colored accessory, such as a belt, that correlates with each one. By doing this, you’ll break apart that patterns and achieve balance within an outfit that could’ve been a potentially confusing mess. Oh, and if you want to truly rock this out-of-the-ordinary look, the rest of your accessories should be subtle, like this Fashionista’s tan wedges and black sunglasses. She still managed to look hip and stylish without adding any distractions. Always ask yourself, “What part of this look do I really want to show off?”

So, want to look like this beauty? Don’t get discouraged; I promise it’s easy.

How To: If you want to take the vintage route, visit your local thrift store for a nifty skirt. If not, check out some of your favorite trendy stores, and choose whichever skirt catches your eye. They’re not difficult to find. Find a cool top, patterned or not, and add an accessory that ties it all together. Remember to pick one color that coordinates with both pieces. Which part of the outfit do you want to be most memorable? And lastly, keep the rest of your outfit neutral whether it involves shoes, sunglasses or some classic jewelry. But, but, but, and most importantly, let your personality shine through. Don’t you want to make a statement? You can do it, kiddos. Now get out there and shine.


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