ALL IN THE DETAILS: Pastel Hair Don’t Care

All In The Details

Any previously adored and shocking trend, deserves to be thought of now and then. I’m talking about those that were once thought of as just a fad, but are now spotted in high fashion magazines and popularly seen on celebs. For all the ’90s babies, remember when Manic Panic launched a hair dye collection that made a break through? It defined a playful and powerful movement where guys and gals could rock original hairstyles in all colors of the rainbow.

Today, that trend is back and bigger than ever! Pastel hair is no longer labeled as “punk,” or “gothic.” Fashion icons like Lady Gaga, the Olsen twins, Kelly Osbourne, Lana Del Ray and runway designer Michael Kors are all in favor of this trend. You can still buy this infamous hair dye at retailers such as Hot Topic and Urban Outfitters.

Upon spotting this Fashionista, I first noticed her hair and how it perfectly complemented her frock, which was comprised of neon printed blooms. As for her shoes, she went with a cohesive black pair of slingback mules. Her style communicates a sweet, funky and feminine look that works really well. I really like the way her topknot bun is scrunched up, while the rest of her locks are down and free. You can easily identify the blonde, purple and red color additions. I also like her eclectic eye makeup because it grabs your attention with the brush of green across her lashes and defined wings lining her eyes.

Since hair dye is such a statement piece on its own, jewelry can be worn minimally. Her color palette of finger candy is comprised of black, turquoise and silver. The details don’t end there! Her nail polish was genius. The black dots reminded me of the popular evil eye, and it made sense when I asked her if she did that on purpose. She told me as an artist who uses her hands a lot, nail polish easily flakes off and this way she can wear nail polish without the worry. Feeling inspired yet?

How To: Pastel hair is an art on its own, but deserves some variety too. For the most exposure, be sure to wear your hair in braids, ponytails, topknots and twists to show off those extra details.


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