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Move out of the way Demi Lovato, this weeks Fashionista is taking over with her outfit of the day! As I was roaming around campus, I had to stop this weeks Fashionista due to her oversized plaid flannel. Though it seems like it is an ordinary flannel, the neon yellow mixed with the earthy green and blue tones and muted grey blocking help complement and tone down the brightness if the yellow in her flannel

To accompany her flannel, she wore a flawy off-white shirt and tucked it in some high-waisted jeans. This friendly Cali girl style screams that she is ready for summer vacation and the beach. Neon colors are an essential to looking bright and festive during the summer. By wearing neon colors it can accentuate anyone’s tan and makes you glow. It will look like you have been out having fun in the sun with your friends all day long, even though you were really inside watching Netflix.

Pairing her outfit with white Converse and a pair of tortoise sunglasses, she helps keep a cool look by eliminating dark and harsh colors. To complete this entire look she has her hair slicked back into a side braid only letting out a few front hair pieces to frame her face. By keeping her hair out of her face gives further emphasizes this airy cali girl look with a bit of skater edge.

Though neons are an essential, it is important to be subtle about it like our Fashionista. Over doing bright colors without balancing it out can give a highlighter effect, which is not only blinding, but not as chic. Keeping it simple gives an effortless and freelance look.

How To: Afraid of color, but want to try this look out? No worries! By slowly adding some colorful accessories like a necklace, bracelet or even a pair of sunglasses into just a plain white tee and jeans will make you look like you took a lot of time into your outfit even though it just took you five minutes. Good luck!


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