ALL IN THE DETAILS: Lovers And Fringe

All In The Details

While watching an episode of The Cosby Show, I remember eyeing Clair Huxtable’s suede, fringe jacket and hoping this style was still out there on the clothes racks. It had fringe detailing that ran across shoulder to shoulder along the back. This episode was from the 1980s and the trend goes back further to the 1920s with the flapper dress to enhance movement in the way flappers danced to jazz.

Nowadays, this trend does not have to be exclusive to Coachella attendees. This Fashionista’s hint of fringe along the bottom of her kimono transformed her outfit from safe to edgy and unique. Looking at the outfit without it, the eye only focuses on the color contrast coming from the kimono’s animal print. Knowing how common this pattern is by itself, the added fringe detailing radiates edginess because of its different texture and creation of movement to the whole outfit. This Fashionista uses her black scoop neck blouse and gray high-waisted shorts to create a monochrome backdrop for her kimono as the statement piece. Her black cross-body bag’s structured and polished look also helps to contrast from the kimono.

This Fashionista’s style stood out to me because it looked edgy and modern, yet comfortable enough for hanging out with friends or running errands. The animal print isn’t tacky by being too overbearing on the eyes. Details on the lining of certain pieces can propel the piece to look unique, which explains why lace-lined shorts became popular compared to regular denim shorts. I see most girls wearing floral kimonos so this style was refreshing to see. I adore how she opted for a plain scoop-neck and high-waisted shorts because it’s a slight variation from the common V-neck and short shorts I often see on campus. Always remember that details in your outfit never go unnoticed to those of us who love fashion!

How to: Stick with black and dark grays to draw more attention to your kimono. Pick a kimono with subdued animal print or similar earth tones with fringe detailing at least at the bottom hem of your kimono to create that movement as you strut to class. This Fashionista chose chukka boots to pair with her outfit, but brown or black gladiator sandals or oxfords would work too. Hopefully this outfit helps you feel as fierce as this Fashionista!


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