ALL IN THE DETAILS: Japan’s Gift To Fashion

All In The Details

Rainy days always make it a little difficult to put an outfit together. The lack of enthusiasm, lost with the sunshine, deters almost everyone from putting together his or her best ensemble. Yet, when I spotted this Fashionista on the New York City streets today, she proved me wrong. Her outfit glimmered through the hazy New York City air, and caught my attention in the blink of an eye. The quintessential part of her outfit that truly stood out to me was her kimono. The Fashionista delicately paired this multi-colored tribal piece with flared black pants and a black top to go under it. I love how she kept the outfit simple, and then enhanced it with the addition of the kimono.

In the beginning, the kimono was a very experimental trend and you occasionally spotted some wearing it. Now, the kimono is a must-have that can be worn during any season. You can transform an outfit from something dull and boring to something special. Inspired by the Japanese, kimonos are fun, flirty and bring life to an ordinary outfit. If this Fashionista took the kimono off, she would be wearing an all black ensemble that no one would even look at, due to the lack of color. With the kimono, this Fashionista proved that this little detail completely transformed her look, and gave everyone on the streets an outfit to envy. As you can see the Fashionista took her look a step further adding heeled booties and a black panama hat. Although the kimono brought the entire outfit together, both of these additions are amazing too. Recently, I spotted amazing kimono tops that had warm summer undertones from Tilly’s. Their amazing prices and style had me wanting to buy them all!

How To:  This Fashionista clearly knows how to rock the kimono, but for those who don’t, here are some tips I would give you.  For the brave Fashionistas who love experimenting with their style, try wearing an extra long kimono top. Pairing the long kimono top with denim shorts from H&M, and sandals from ALDO, will give you the perfect look for the summer season. For those who aren’t as comfortable in the long kimono, try to go for a jacket length kimono paired with skinny jeans. If you add a pair of ankle boots, that makes the outfit perfect for going out or even a summer day in the office.


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