ALL IN THE DETAILS: In with the Old, Out with the New

All In The Details

The fashion industry today has gained its fast-paced, ever-evolving reputation from the force that drives its constant change: trends. Trends dictate everything in modern fashion, as they control what type of products companies manufacture and sell, and in turn what we as consumers like, buy and wear.

With trends continually popping in and out of style, it’s hard for a Fashionista/o to stay up to date – especially when living on a college student budget. Want an easy way to remain stylish without breaking the bank? Explore the endless opportunities of vintage.

The realm of vintage is a safe haven in fashion, as these styles are able to escape the unrelenting viciousness of current trend cycles. Having already passed the fashion standards set in their own times, vintage pieces are a safe bet when wanting to achieve a look that is classically cool.

This Fashionista demonstrates just how cool old styles can be with her vintage Chanel quilted cross-body bag. What would normally be an adorable day outfit gains an elevated sense of elegance and class with the simple touch of the antique bag. A hand-me-down from her grandmother, this bag has been around for more than 30 years, yet it still serves as a stylish and chic addition to her look.

Although we live in a trend driven society, don’t hesitate to mix some older styles into your look. Having “good style” doesn’t mean looking like you walked right off the cover of a magazine or that you’re wearing the latest trends head to toe; it means being able to create a look that compliments you and encapsulates who you are, regardless of what’s trending.

Your style is what you make it, so be creative. Next time you go shopping, bypass your usual route in the mall to poke around your local thrift store. Although the styles may not be from this season, these stores often hold hidden gems that are very wearable, and at a fraction of the price – you’d be surprised at the steals you might find!

How To: While vintage Chanel is on every Fashionista/o’s wishlist, it may be a tad bit out of our price range. To achieve the same look as this Fashionsita without draining your savings, try accessorizing with unique vintage pieces such as statement jewelry, crossover headbands, retro sunglasses and color-block handbags.


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