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Tap into your ethnic vibe and take a walk through the safari with this summer tribal vest. It’s almost as if I have an obsession with tribal prints and a boho style. The truth is, you can style almost everything in any weather with any type of vest. This gives you the opportunity to match to the theme of your choice. Whether you’re a male or a female, vests are a fashion must.

Tribal prints are a style that has been trending for quite some time and has been seen on both genders. On days in New York City where you have to think about how hot or cool it may be, it can be hard to put together an outfit. This Fashionisto layered up and accompanied his tribal vest with a brown light scarf for slight warmth on the cold New York City trains.

Abstract patterns and subtle colors go together as this Fashionisto pairs his blue shorts with the multicolored vest. While using duller colors, this Fashionisto was able to create a summer look with a fall vibe. At the same time, he opted for a sleeveless shirt under his vest. This gives him the opportunity to accommodate for hot weather and look stylish while doing it.

Abstract and tribal patterns don’t have to only be seen in vests. They can be transpired on dresses, T-shirts and even accessories, like scarves and hats. Do you want to tap into your cultural side and try out tribal prints?

How To: Wearing tribal prints can be fun and easy. Pair a tribal blouse like this one with a pair of pants for a more feminine look. You can also pair these tribal shorts with a boho chic inspired shirt to channel your inner bohemian. For the Fashionistos, you too can channel boho with this T-shirt.


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