ALL ABOUT ART: Baron Von Fancy

Exclusive Feature, From the Editor

For part two of our artist series, we are talking about all things fancy—Baron Von Fancy that is. Gordon Stevenson (aka Baron Von Fancy) has been making waves in the art and fashion world for his bold prints and wild statements. His works are candid, humorous and modern. And while creations may be loud and over-the-top, Stevenson is slightly more reserved and modest. While he still isn’t quite sure if he has truly broken into the art world, we can assure him that he has and has a fan in all of us here at CollegeFashionista.

We caught up with Stevenson as he discussed his art, process and the fancy world that inspires him.

CollegeFashionista: Can you give us a little taste of the kind of art you create?

Baron Von Fancy: I make a lot of different things. Currently I am making work that revolves around words or phrases, but am also playing around with appropriation especially from cartoons and television.

CF: What are you mainly inspired by when making new pieces?

BVF: I’m inspired by what I’m making at the present time. When I am working on something I obsess over it, be it a phrase or an oil painting of a cartoon.

CF: How did you break into the art world?

BVF: I am not sure if I have yet…

CF: How does the art world and the fashion world connect in your opinion?

BVF: Not in any specific way, but both seek out innovation which is why I appreciate them both.

CF: Why do you love being an artist?

BVF: I don’t know if I do. I love making my work, but there is a lot of uncertainty in making art for a living. I definitely am beyond thankful for every day that I get to wake up and create whatever my heart and mind desires.

CF: How is your city influenced in your work?

BVF: New York is very close to my heart as I was born, raised and live here so feel the New Yorker in me is integral to who I am and thus my work. 

CF: If you went back to college today, where would you go and what would you study?

BVF: Exactly where I went, to Bard College where I graduated from.

CF: If you could give advice to your graduating self, what would that be?

BVF: Not everything happens in an instant and nothing is going to be given to you. Go get what you’re after and realize that may take a lot of time and dedication.

CF: How important is the space you work in in regards to the decor?

BVF: Very. My studio is my sanctuary and the place I spend the most time in so it has to be just right. 

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