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First of all, as I look out my window this morning I am staring at six inches of snow, and it’s still going! I’m sorry to say Fashionista/os but this isn’t exactly weather for the beginning of spring 2013 in England at the moment. Most of our style-savvy students have reverted back to the fur coats and stylish toques that I love so much! Fortunately, I managed to snap my Fashionista this week (before the blizzard hit), and she happened to be wearing one of the smartest accessories I have seen for the winter: the fur snood! Although at the time it was just a little chilly, having some lush faux fur wrapped around your neck in place of a simple scarf is not only super stylish, but pretty brilliant!

Of course, fur has always been a staple of elegance and glamour in the colder months, Nobody could rock a fur stole better than Elizabeth Taylor, and everyone from Kim Kardashian to Kiera Knightly has been seen wearing a fur coat. This Fashionista clearly knew that the next big thing would be to have a cozy ring of fur wrapped around your neck! Her wolf gray Topshop neck piece also happens to match her incredible glasses! Not exactly cat eye, not exactly geeky, but completely awesome. And not to mention they are Ray-Ban! These add a hint of devil-may-care and make this Fashionista look prepped for any lecture. (Also note the awesome Michael Kors school boy book back hanging off her shoulder—a must have!)

She is dressed almost head-to-toe in the UK’s newest import from our friends Stateside, a personal obsession of mine, Brandi Melville! So of course she’s layering some of their signature tanks and sweaters, with a pair of the brand’s leggings. She pairs it with classic knee high black leather boots from ASOS and tops it off with one of the hottest trends from fall: the leather and army-green jacket.

Now, if you wanna try this look, you can acquire a real fur snood (most commonly made of rabbit) like Diane von Furstenberg does, or there is the absolutely snuggly and more cost effective option from ASOS. As for the awesome glasses, the brand Police has something relatively close with their tortoise shell geek glasses. And if you are just as obsessed with this Fashionista’s backpack as I am (it kinda reminds me of the one Anne Hathaway wears in the Princess Diaries) you could try this smooth ESSL ‘Austrian’ backpack. But, regardless, remember, everyone keep warm and keep snuggly!

Spotted: I really love how Wasteland has two different versions of the army green and leather look, one to dress up and one to dress down! So pick your preference for whatever occasion you want to rock it for!


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