Accessories Report

This week’s Fashionista is one of my favorites of the summer, mainly because I feel that her style is similar to my own. I love the simplicity of the overall outfit, but the attention to detail within each individual piece, keeps her looking understated, yet funky.

It turns out that we both own this pair of American Apparel high-waist denim shorts and I love them on her as much as I love my own. I love high-waist shorts and jeans specifically, because they elongate your legs and cinch you at a place that creates curves rather than muffin tops. Furthermore, it allows you to show more leg without looking underdressed, since what’s lacking in material at the hems, is made up for at the waist. For a different look, try the same style but with a darker wash jean.

The fit and shape of her top complements the cut of her shorts since there are no bunchy lines and the design draws a sharp contrast to the simplicity of the denim.

What I love most about this Fashionista’s outfit, however, is her coordination of color and texture. The rose color of her shirt serves as the base in her outfit’s template, with her lipstick being a slightly lighter pink and her nail polish being slightly darker. The effect of having three different shades is that no shade is ever overwhelming or too dominant. Furthermore, the three shades she picked incorporate and transcend spring, summer, and fall with pastel on her lips and neon on her nails. So, even though the shorts and tank may only be appropriate during the warmer months, the color palate is appropriate and beautiful all year long!

This Fashionista also does a great job of pairing her fringe brown leather bag with her brown leather gladiator sandals. Like the continuation of her pinks, pairing her bag and sandals creates a theme to her outfit rather than having either one of the two stand out individually. The bright pink of her nail polish displays itself prominently against her dark sandals, simultaneously drawing attention to both. Similarly, the darkness of her oversize brown shades and the boldness of her light pink lipstick draws the eye to her face, highlighting the coolness of the shades and the sweetness of her pout.

Spotted: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen rocking their signature pout.


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