Accessories Report

Campus this week has been making the transition into fall with cooler temperatures and the sun sadly setting before dinnertime. The change in the scenery is accompanied by the drastic change in apparel. No longer are students strutting around in short hemlines or sleeves, and the most essential cold weather accessories are surfacing once again.

For me, the chilly weather calls for a closet cleaning to move in all of my sweaters and dozens of scarves. I would be totally lying if I said that I was not obsessed with scarves for a decent portion of my high school career. I’ve found out that these staples are something that never goes out of style; how can you go wrong with a solid color scarf? This simple accessory can definitely make a difference in an outfit, giving it a cozier and stylish feel.

This Fashionista was spotted with his favorite striped scarf and purple sweater combo. The colorful scarf added an interesting layer and contrasts with the rest of his solid colored attire. The tribal colors are attention grabbing but the dark colors still make it appropriate to wear in the fall season.

There are three types of scarves: the square scarf, the infinity also known as the circle scarf and your typical long rectangular scarf. The square scarf is usually worn during the warm season, as the material is very light and soft. The two other categories can be worn throughout the year, depending on the fabric and design. I personally favor the infinity design because it is so easy to wear and goes with everything. However, the classic rectangular shape is more popular in men’s fashion and an extremely versatile piece.

Spotted: Lacoste runway models rocked a black infinity scarf on the fall 2012 runway.


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