ACCESSORIES REPORT: The Power of Bandanas

Accessories Report

When I caught this Fashionista walking through the library after grabbing a cup of coffee, I instantly thought of the famous World War II ad with Rosie the Riveter, which depicted a strong, sexy and independent woman that could certainly take care of herself. With her adorable light blue bandana tied jauntily in a knot around her hair, this Fashionista exudes her own strength, independence and confidence in her sexy outfit.

This Fashionista wears her bandana in an upbeat style. She pairs her light blue bandana with a matching long sleeve button-up top. She then adds a pair of sleek back leggings and a cute pair of flat lace-up shoes. Her overall ensemble not only resembles Rosie the Riveter's look but also embodies the confidence the ad was meant to inspire. With stretchy leggings, a comfortable button-up and a bandana that keeps hair away from the face, this look is perfect for easy and free movement while also keeping in style. 

Take your own inspiration from this Fashionista and Rosie the Riveter. What is so great about bandanas and hair accessories is that they come in endless colors and designs (and they're also gender neutral, so all Fashionistas/os can find ones that fit their own personal styles!). If you are looking for something to pair with a cute dress, try out a cute bow hair piece like this one from ModCloth. If you're looking for something that is fashionable but will also keep you warm in the middle of winter, try this knitted head wrap from Pieces. Your hair accessory choice is completely up to you, Fashionistas/os! Just make sure to wear it with confidence. Have fun and make it your own!

Spotted: This headpiece from Fossil is an adorable braided headband that can provide warmth and class to any outfit. 


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