Accessories Report

One major comeback we’ve seen the past year is denim: denim jackets, denim vests and denim button-ups. These denim staple pieces add a touch of hipster to every outfit. Another big piece we’ve seen make a major comeback is the casually worn blazer. Blazers have left the work place and are now making casual outfits look chic. Keeping focus on to the accessories, I’ll give you a few ways to dress up your jean jacket and your new blazer.

Check out this Fashionista I caught buying a fruit smoothie in style. Not only is she wearing a denim jacket, which you can learn more about here and here, she accessorized it with cool buttons. While wearing buttons all over a jacket has usually been left to the rock/punk music listeners, this stylish scholar makes the trend her own. When wearing buttons try to buy some that are meaningful to you. For example, a school spirit button, quotes that you like or even better, make them yourself! A few great places to buy buttons are your local arts and craft store and Wal-mart, but the best route to go would for sure be online. Check out for a huge variety of buttons at good prices.

Another very cool way to dress up your denim or blazer is a brooch. This accessory will add a touch of chic to your outerwear and unlike accessorizing with a lot of buttons, you only need one. Check out how this cool gal on Chictopia wears her brooch. Brooches have also been seen on the jackets of celebrities too such as Sarah Jessica Parker and supermodel Heidi Klum. A brooch adds so much classiness and is an easy way to dress up a simple outfit. Try this site for a ton of beautiful brooches as well as your favorite vintage shop. For my D.I.Y triers, check out these videos here and here to learn how to make your own. The great thing about brooches is their versatile. Don’t just keep it to your blazer try it on a dress or nice button up.

Also, try your buttons on a denim vest for a really edgy look and don’t forget to experiment. Maybe even try that brooch on one of your denim jackets!

Spotted: Check out Oscar de la Renta’s fall 2012 runway show to check out all the gorgeous brooches.


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