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In 1915 Charlie Chaplin brought his most memorable character “The Tramp” to life. During this time, silent films ran the cinema, bringing audiences far and wide together to watch this idolized funnyman at work. Iconic in more ways than one, Charlie Chaplin not only demonstrated his creative ingenious through his work, but also through his sense of style. Chaplin’s signature cane and bowler hat, recognized worldwide, became necessary fashion statements among his following.

Nearly a century later, Chaplin’s infamous bowler hat can still be found on Fashionistas and Fashionistos around the world. I spotted this Fashionista near our campus coffee shop, the Davenport, sipping on a latte with some friends. Her sense of style undeniably set her apart from the crowd. Complementing her timeless chapeau, this Fashionista donned stylized oxfords with folded over ankle socks. I typically veer away from mixing black and brown pieces together, but this Fashionista has me re-thinking my typical color coordinating rules. I love how her chestnut brown shoes pop from her black ankle socks paralleled to her darkly shaded hat. 

Her outfit is definition, “old world” meets “new world”; working a younger hip style with old-fashioned accessories, this Fashionista successfully bridged a generational gap. I love how each piece of her outfit fits together flawlessly. Her dark skinny belt is the perfect link between her white lace top and her denim shorts. There is little in this world we can be certain of, but one thing is for sure — the bowler hat is not only back, but is also here to stay.

Spotted: Sonia Rykiel's fall 2008 collection pays homage to the bowler hat.


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