ACCESSORIES REPORT: Tantalizing Texture

Accessories Report

We’re all in the finals and holiday daze. It’s the time of the year where everything seems rushed, and there isn’t one moment to take a step back to enjoy what’s going on. The revelation of the spring and summer 2013 runway collections helps us look forward to something after these hectic times. These collections broadcasted bold, printed scarves that are quite astonishing. They’re gem colors paired with intriguing patterns. Once I saw these walk down the runway, I was biting to see how and where the next place they’d pop up. The street fashion is always taking what designers do into different directions. Check out how this Fashionista’s way of channeling this spring's look during this holiday season.

This Fashionista captures the innovation of the spring 2013 scarves with her paisley multicolored fringe scarf. Much like those that walked down the catwalk, this scarf is fun and flirty. The bold colors mixed with the print provides a vocal piece to her outfit. When the weather is dreary it’s easy to go for the basic colors, but opting for bright hues help brighten you’re mood and those surrounding you. Draped delicately against her patterned ashen sweater is a beautiful combination. Pairing these two pieces is a spin off of mixed prints. The blend of the bolded-fringed scarf with the textured sweater is a fun twist, as compared to a bland T-shirt. The oversized sweater and scarf is a beloved look. This Fashionista’s pairing of these pieces showcases a truly artistic outfit.

Scarves are a necessity! They are the best accessory because they are showcased in every season. With the blur of this time, take a deep breath. Keep an eye out for things to look forward too. As another holiday comes to an end, it means another season for us Fashionista’s. So time to incorporate the gifts of this season and be stylish on campus for next semester.

Spotted: Altuzarra's spring/summer 2013 runway focused on bold, brilliant scarves and wraps.


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