When we think of cool sneakers, these are the words that come to mind: fresh, street and Nike. When we wear something, we aren’t simply choosing a piece of clothing, but rather an ideology. An outfit or an accessory says something about how we feel, or whom we chose to be that specific day.

Like Finola Hughes said on the TV series “How Do I Look,” you don’t have to be the same person every day. This morning you may feel like being a rock star and decide to wear studded heels and a leather jacket, and the next day you might lean towards a preppy look with a  chic outfit from a store like Juicy Couture. Designers do the same thing all the time, except they change looks every collection and we do this every day.

Choosing to wear sneakers like this Fashionista is simply saying, “today I feel like getting in touch with my street side” and that’s great. “Dope” sneakers like those look best with skinny jeans so that they pop out and act as the focal point. Still, you can throw on some other statement accessories such as neon bracelets, earrings or sunglasses to really master the vibe. Nonetheles, if it seems like too much, follow this Fashionista’s advice and simply stick to sneakers for just a taste of an R&B lifestyle.

Haven’t found your swag sneakers just yet? Here are some options: a cheetah sneaker from Nike, a hot pink one from Urban Outfitters, or a black and gold one from ASOS (search “ASOS DENY Wedge High Top Trainers With Suede Detail”). Use one of these powerful sneakers to add some flavor to your look!

Spotted: Crazy sneakers designed by Jeremy Scott for Adidas.


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