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With these long days here in Texas (where it still feels like summer), the sun is there to beat down on us longer, too. Personally, it seems impossible to see anything outside without a pair of sunglasses on. Thankfully, I had a pair on and was able to see this Fashionista as she passed by! From afar, her sunglasses could easily be mistaken as a simple pair of wire sunnies, but the radical shape of hers stopped me dead in my tracks. These Urban Outfitters heart-shaped glasses were just the thing that upped her attire. A simple summer ensemble of a breezy knit top and white hot shorts became a show stopper after being topped off with uniquely shaped shades. It's something I won't be able to reiterate enough: accessories are game changers!

Sunglasses may have been developed purely for the protection of ones eyes against the harmful UV rays of the sun, but they've quickly grown to be the epitome of cool in pop culture. Celebrities and the cool kids on the block use them to hide their faces and emotions, but make this purpose ironic by exposing your style with a change in shades. They are an uber easy accessory to get ahold of and since they can be relatively inexpensive, you can shop around for a bunch of pairs and start yourself a collection!

This Fashionista switched up the shape of her shades from regular round circles to adorable hearts, but there are endless possiblities in special sunnies. A variation in not only shape, but frame color, lens color, lens size and frame pattern can make you stand out in a sun-drenched crowd. For women, the most worn spin on shape would  probably be the cat eye. With ladies like Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe in mind, this shape adds immediate sass and glamour. Emulate these fashionable females of the 1940s and 1950s with an embellished pair. Now some sunglass shapes don't fit everyone's facial shapes, but almost always the iconic Ray-Ban Wayfarer looks great on everyone. Those willing to make a statement with their signature Wayfarer shape should try this limited edition printed pair. These fun frames take this iconic pair to a whole new level and it goes without saying that they would take an outfit to a whole new level as well! Although sunglasses may be used to hide a poker face, let your personality shine through the shape and color of your shades.

Spotted: This trend was kickstarted by Prada in their spring 2011 runway looks. Is the best curve on a woman really her smile? These quirky sunnies are a defninite challenger to that mantra.


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