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It starts to drizzle and next thing you know the wind picks up and is lashing rain against the window. Looking outside, the last thing you want to do is venture out your door when you can just settle in and call it a day. Most would layer a couple shirts and throw on a pair of sweats for good measure. Or perhaps they're extra lazy and don't even make it out of their pajamas. But not you Fashionistas. We know even the most wet weather can be the perfect opportunity to whip out our flashiest gear and that's just what this Fashionista did.

On a cold, dreary day in the valley, I saw this Fashionista ahead of me and knew I had to catch up. From a distance, all I could make out was the bright yellow that perked my attention in the first place. But as I picked up my pace and got closer, a stunning sunflower blossomed before my eyes. This umbrella defied all odds. Among the black and navy designs that seem to own the miserable mood, this umbrella sprouted real cheer. When I caught up with the Fashionista, she was all smiles. She told me her friends often ask about her umbrella and comment on how bleak the weather is, but she simply replies that its all the more reason to shine through. “I like to make the most of it and put on a sunny attitude.” And does she put on a sunny attitude; her sunflower umbrella speaks for itself.

Let’s be honest Fashionistas: those rainy days can be dark and bleak; but don’t let them get the best of you. Customize your wet weather gear with colorful shades and creative prints to add that pep to your step. Whether its polka dots, bright colors or whacky prints, you'll be more inclined to wear it if it completes your style. When it comes to umbrellas, suppliers make all sorts of designs you can add to your look. My favorite, like this Fashionista, is the flower print. While she went for big and bold, another option you may also want to look into is small and patterned. On those dreary days, flower prints can add shine to any design and really perk you up when the weather gets you down. Just wait for it, your umbrella will grow on you. Next thing you know, you’ll be checking the forecast for the next opportunity to water some flowers.

Spotted: Louis Vuitton does umbrellas as he forecasts showers on his spring 2012 runway.



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