KISS — Keep It Simple, Stupid. It’s a saying I like to live by and often apply when putting together an outfit. I sometimes may go a little overboard with accessories (layering and the like) but, for the most part, I like to pair together a few great pieces to create a nice ensemble.

This Fashionista definitely embodies someone doing just that — keeping it simple. She has a few great items that she works together to make a cute and sassy look. I have seen her around campus a number of times and the story is always the same; she looks great every time. There is a timelessness to her looks, and this day was no exception.

A great pair of dark wash denim jeans, must-have taupe combat boots, white camisole and khaki cargo jacket pull her outfit together to create an effortless look. Instead of layering up her wrists with an endless amount of bracelets and other bands, she stays true to the saying by wearing only one bracelet and one tribal patterned watch. I absolutely loved her watch — it certainly has an earthy vibe. It pairs nicely with a casual fit and works well by posing as a bracelet. 

These hemp watches also possess an earthy feel; they’re both organic and practical. You can’t go wrong with snagging one of these. Want one with a bit more bling? This one has that and then some and comes fully encrusted with jewels. Wraparound bracelets have been trending, so why not a wraparound watch. This one from Lulu’s comes in two great eye-catching colors. It gives the illusion of a bracelet while still providing you with the time. It’s a win-win. If you're looking for more inspiration and want a watch that suits your personality, this Harper's Bazaar UK article is sure to help you figure out “Which Watch?”

Spotted: The spring 2011 Balenciaga collection screams rock 'n’ roll. The leather cocoon shaped jackets were definitely a signature item from this collection, but the watches created a statement on their own. Chunky, metallic and colorful, these strangely constructed watches were a definite hit with many. Take a look at this to get a closer look of these timeless clocks.


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