ACCESSORIES REPORT: Why You Should Wear Pearls


Normally pearls fall under the category of classic, but this year, they fall into three: classic, opulent and maxi. Pearls in all shapes and sizes have been seen in many runway presentations such as Dolce & Gabbana’s fall/winter 2012 collection and Balmain’s fall 2012 line, which presented many baroque dresses with hundreds of pearls sown in. Maxi pearl necklaces were seen in Chanel’s spring/summer 2012 line. Whether they appeared classy or statement-like, one thing is certain, they were opulent; this fall season was all about going big. Maxi pearls were also seen in Rihanna’s outfit worn for the 2012 Victoria Secret Fashion Show—the singer wore vintage Chanel sunglasses covered in pearls and a maxi pearl necklace.

Pearls have a special effect, they can make a couture outfit look more divine or a punk ensemble a bit more feminine. Whether you’re aiming for a Jackie O look or a Rihanna a la VS fashion show, this is your go-to accessory. For a simple college outfit, like this fabulous example from Emily Schuman (owner of the blog Cupcakes and Cashmere), pearls also fit nicely. This Brazilian collegiate decided to let her pearls do all the magic. By adding this simple accessory, her normal outfit turned it into something elegant.

Let's also not forget that Christmas is just around the corner and not many things add more elegance to a party outfit than a pair of these white miracles. So, have you been tempted yet? Forever 21 is the perfect place to shop for this accessory, but try going to their store instead of online shopping because it’s almost guaranteed that they're offering much more options at the moment. Have fun experimenting, and add some “winter frost” to your ensemble!

Spotted: Pearl necklaces in Chanel’s spring 2012 show.


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