Oxford shoes are quality dress shoes that come in various colors and sizes not exceeding ankle length. With this type of dress shoes not all people look good with them especially when your legs quite slim. Nevertheless if you wear appropriate clothing with the right dress shoes, with no doubt you will achieve better looks.

It’s not surprising that all the fashion designers are so much interested in oxfords; in fashion collections there are not only classical black-and-white shoes from glossy leather, but also very eccentric models of bright colors, as well as shoes from suede and nubuck.

This Fashionista is wearing oxford shoes with a short stylish dress. I think girls should add white shirt, jacket, and fedora hat to complete set. Second most widespread version for wearing oxford shoes are jeans, but you have to fold back them to show your elegant anklebones. You don’t have to complete this set with socks, all you have to do is put flimsy shirt, light scarf, and a cardigan on and the set is complete. Such fashion designers like Dolce & Gabbana suggest carrying oxford shoes with trouser-suit in a man’s style with a broad-shouldered jacket and banana-trousers.


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