Accessories Report

Those who have asked me for fashion advice know all too well that my recommendations are usually the same every time. I always encourage people to dress differently from others and to draw attention whenever possible. However, that advice is obviously not for everyone and I must admit that there are plenty of days where I just throw on a wrinkled white T-shirt and jeans and walk to class half asleep. Dresses and heels are my best friends but so are tank tops and cotton shorts. Just because an outfit does not have any bright colors, crazy designs or peculiar textures does not mean that it is not fashionable.

I spotted this Fashionista in the middle of campus going between her hectic classes. I immediately thought her outfit was charming despite it lacking a pop of color. My eyes were not directed at any piece of clothing in particular but rather at the outfit as a whole. The entire ensemble consisted of earthy, neutral tones that complimented each other wonderfully. The brown tank top and shorts are extremely low-key while the pinstripe button-down shirt adds a hint of prep. Accessories-wise, her milk chocolate colored bag and braided sandals are both modern and urban, contrasting the classic garments. The bohemian bag makes the outfit as a whole more chic and serves as a Fashionista’s backpack. This Fashionista’s color palette is basic and classic and each article of clothing can be paired with any outfit due to its simplicity.

A neutral colored tote bag is an incredibly versatile accessory because it can be paired with a laid-back outfit and can be dressed up for any occasion. Warm neutral colors are essential for the fall season. Shades of gray, brown, and blue produce a very calm and collected look representative of the autumn season. So Fashionistas, do not feel the obligation to brighten up every outfit, instead, try to contrast different styles while remaining color neutral. 


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