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Ladies and gentleman of the fashionable conglomerate , you are cordially invited to an arm party!  What is an arm party, you inquire? Well, it is a term coined by The Man Repeller to explain the copious amount of jewerly one adorns on their wrist. Some call it the “wrist game ” but party just sounds much more festive. The layers upon layers of bracelets and bangles and other fun adornments have been trending on the runways lately but yet it is nothing new. As kids, friendship bracelets were made and exchanged in masses, homemade bracelets were in rage during the teen years and now for the college Fashionista as we progress in mind, body, and fashion sense, the wristage has matured.

This trend is impeccable because it is highly personalized, no one arm party is going to look like another arm party, unless intended. Mixing and matching is encouraged and quite necessary to showcase ones personal styles and there is no limit to the number of bangles and trinkets one can adorn, as long as it does not get in the way of daily tasks. This fashionista is a great example of a party and a half. She is representing her university with her Illinois sweatshirt but displaying  great eclecticness and fun with her mix and match pieces. Her earrings are even different pairs. It is clear that this Fashionista has a fun fashion sense and it is evident through her wrist party of various bangles and bracelets. When The Man Repeller discusses her arm party she dubs a jovial name for each occurrence. Likewise, I shall dub this Fahionistas wrist game as “culture swag” . This Fashionista sports bangles that are from her home country, Nigeria, as well as bracelets given to her by family and friends. Each one is personal, and all together mezmerizing. Need to improve your wrist game ? Start by getting a pack of cheap mixed bangles from Forever 21, add an epic watch of any color, then add pieces that range from larger than life to thin as a sliver.

Arm party, Wrist game, Wrist candy, Bracelet Salad, whatever you would like to call it, is a consistent trend that you have probably been sporting unaware. This trend has been ongoing throughout the decades and does not show any signs of ceasing. What kind of party will you have today ?

Spotted: Spring 2011 witnessed a splash of Arm Parties that it soon became a rager, seen in Moschino, Charlotte Ronson, Marc Jacobs and Chanel.


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