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With all the new technology now-a-days there are plenty of ways to keep up with the time, but you ladies haven’t let that stop you from wearing your fanciest watches. Whether expensive or vintage, watches can be very creative and have numerous different looks. One trendy way Fashionista’s are wearing their watches are stacked: numerous watches at once. What’s the point of wearing more than one watch you say? There isn’t! But you can never have too many options and too much style.

Hearing about this trend can seem a bit clownish but there are ways to tone it down. This Fashionista wore her multiple watches in a really cool but inconspicuous way; she disguised them with bracelets! Notice how she’s not necessarily covering them up, she’s just blending them in. Her watches don’t make her wrist look like too much, but just enough. Take inspiration from other bloggers like My Secret Agent Lover Man and all the cool ways you can wear your watches stacked. Also check out Chictopia for inspiration. If more than one watch isn’t your cup of tea, go for just one. To dress your wrist up a bit add a lot of bracelets and rings. You’ll look really glam and chic.

Watches are an accessory that have a huge range of price tags. You can find a cool watch as low as $0.50 at a vintage shop, but at that same shop there might be a watch selling for up to $500! The more embellished or decked out a watch is, the more money you’ll be spending. When stacking watches just opt to keep it simple. There’ll already be a lot going on with your wrists so there’s no need to have every watch making a statement — all your accessories accumulative will do that. Find cute watches at Walmart, Target and ASOS.

With this trend, too much is just enough. Oh, and don’t forget to check your watch at 11:11, make a wish!

Spotted: The stacked watch trend doesn’t seem to be all over the runway just yet, so in the meantime check out how men and women models wear their Hublot watches. When on the website scroll to “Hublot and Manchester United for Fashion Charity” and see all the classy ways a watch can be worn.


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