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With spring just around the bend and the weather warming up, McGill students are faced with the difficult dilemma of what kind of shoes to wear. It’s too warm for intense winter boots like Sorrels; with all the snow melting into giant puddles, UGGs will get soaked completely through. Also, it’s still too wet and cold for most other shoes. This Fashionista, along with many others I’ve seen walking around campus, have found the perfect solution to this footwear problem: Hunter rain boots. They truly are the perfect solution to looking stylish and staying warm and dry. First, they barely look anything like rain boots. They come in a wide variety of style and colors so you can look good without compromising comfort and warmth. Furthermore, Hunter has a wide selection of fashionable socks that you can use to line to boots for colder days. This is a great addition because you can use them however you please. You can buy multiple pairs of socks and change them to rock different styles, or for warmer days go without them. If you would like to see this huge selection of super stylish socks and rain boots take a look at Hunter’s website. 

I particularly liked how this Fashionista opted for classic Hunter rain boots. They are simple and sleek and match everything! I also like how she paired it with a light petticoat. Rather than a heavy or dark-colored jacket, which would look too wintry for non-winter boots, this petticoat is perfect for the transition period between winter and spring — just like her boots! Also, her faux-flower hair pin is the perfect final touch to pay homage to the spring fever we’re all starting to feel. Not to mention convenient for holding your hair out your face if you happen to catch a slight breeze. If you like this look you can easily imitate it with this super cute and very cheap floral hair clip from Forever 21.


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