ACCESSORIES REPORT: Hiking Boots Gone Glam

Accessories Report

Yes, I know. I talk about boots a lot on here, but you know, tis' the season for boots! Also, I've never featured a pair of boots on a Fashionisto before, so this boot post is different yet again. Let me start off by saying that I love mixing styles. Feminine silhouettes with grungy boots, '70s flair jeans with structural blouses or worn in converse with a chic leather jacket. The combinations are endless, really. Today I came across a combination that I often gravitate towards. First I saw the gold Hermes “H” belt buckle — so glam. Then I noticed the silver rimmed shield-like sunglasses, which I would say are pretty glamorous as well. And of course, the stainless steal Omega Seamaster watch to complete the set of glammed out accessories. 

This Fashionisto's outfit is worthy of a report because with all of these glam add-ons, he still decided to toughen up his look with some contrasting hiking boots. He made this opposing style work because of their uniform black color. I think the black still adds to the toughness, though. While his accessories are doing their own things, the Fashionisto also threw in another style with his V-neck sweater and blue striped button down shirt underneath. This mixture makes for a preppy look. Even though its a whole different style tossed into his outfit, it still works. His charming accessories — minus the boots — are simple and understated enough so that the collar and sweater combo is easily accepted into the ensemble. Because the rest of the trends in his outfit are done in a tastefully subdued way, the sturdy black boots can give that needed element of manliness without clashing. 

I've seen many Fashionsta's sporting a translated version of this look as well. In a women's case, the boots are sleeker and maybe in a shade of brown and the glamorous elements come in the form of gold pendant necklaces and luxuriously silky blouses. I love these glamorous looks right now because its the holiday season. It's the time to dress up for a festive occasion that only comes around once a year. And, what better way to make your dazzling ensemble unique than to add in some elements from other trends and styles. 

Spotted: Manly boots looking very glamorous were seen on John Varvatos fall 2012 menswear runway. 


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