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Bold, chunky jewelry can be hard to pull off sometimes, especially when you are like me and desire so strongly to fit these fun pieces into your outfit that you stand in front of the mirror for what can seem like hours and frustratingly shout, “Make it work, make it work. I WILL MAKE IT WORK!” Unfortunately, I fail at this more often than I succeed, and I envy those lovely Fashionistas that just know how to “make it work” when it comes to chunky jewelry. This Fashionista that I spotted outside the library is definitely one of those lovely Fashionistas.

There are several things that I love about this Fashionista’s ensemble, like how each individual piece is unique, yet still complements the others to a tee, or that the color palette is completely on par. However, my favorite part of her outfit is how she incorporates her bold jewelry choices into a more muted look to form a very balanced and original look. Starting off with a pair of black skinnies and loose, gray turtleneck sweater, this Fashionista is already on her way to a very classy wintery style. She then adds a pair of brown leather ankle boots and sexy, shiny cropped coat—but her chunky black and white beaded necklace and her large greenstone ring really and flavor and edge to her outfit overall.

When I think chunky jewelry, I usually think about bright and bold outfits with lots of color and crazy pieces to go along with the look. However, I really liked that this Fashionista showed that big jewelry does not just have to be reserved for one kind of look. This week Fashionistas, I encourage you to try to incorporate some bold jewelry pieces into your softer winter looks just like this Fashionista did. If you are looking for a place to pick up some chunky necklaces and rings, Betsey Johnson is deifinitely the designer to look up. Pair one or two of her pieces with a sleek pencil skirt, like this one form STYLEKELLY, and a business-like striped top, like this one from Kenneth Cole, and you will be rocking a sexy look similar to this Fashionistas. Have fun and make it your own!

Spotted: Anna Sui's breath-takingly GORGEOUS fall 2012 Fashion Week Show. This show really embodies both an eccentric and crazy side to chunky jewelry, and a more classy and regal side as well. 


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