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We all have those days when we wake up five minutes before our class starts and we have absolutely no time to get ready, let alone think about our outfit. Many people will grab the first thing they see and throw that on. Others might keep their pajamas on and switch their fuzzy socks for a pair of moccasins. Then, there are those people that have a quick thought of genius and grab a favorable headscarf out of their drawer to cover their fresh bed-headed hairdo. I am not saying that is what this week's Fashionista did. As we can see her outfit was definitely not thrown on in frenzied rush. And whether or not she was trying to hide anything with her floral headscarf, it works regardless. 

Headscarves might seem like a thing of the past, but there are two ways of wearing of them. You may be thinking of the old women babushka way, where the scarf covers your entire head and is tied in the back. Or, there is the way more fashionable method of folding the scarf into a thin strip and wearing it as a type of headband. This approach shows off your hair while still keeping it tame. Headscarves are great because there are endless styles of them. With so many options you can pair a headscarf with almost any outfit. 

I love how this Fashionista went for a laidback look with her floral headscarf. She threw her red hair up in a bun, but she took the lazy factor out by adding the scarf. Her oversized sweater, infinity scarf and gray leggings show that this Fashionista is all about comfort. Her outfit gives the impression that she is ready to kick back at any moment while still looking stylish. This Fashionista went for a casual look with her floral headscarf, but if you want to use this accessory to compliment a more elgant outfit try a silk headscarf in rich colors like navy blue, gold or dark red. 

Spotted: Gorgeous printed headwraps were seen going down Marni's spring 2010 ready-to-wear runway. 



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