When I saw this Fashionista I thought to myself, hey, that’s a cute accessory. I know that’s in style, but which style again? Is it nomadic or ethnic? Wait, aren’t they the same thing?! I discovered that, no, this is not necessarily true. Nomadic seems more down to earth and in line with Native American styles, while ethnic can cover a range of cultures. The point is that they are both in style and this colorful dream catcher perfectly suits both.

For a nomadic look, dream catchers works well with a fringed outfit, a knitted sweater or with a mixture of earthy brown tones. Check out Missoni’s fall 2012 collection to get a proper feel. For an ethnic feel, British Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue Brazil showed different options as to how you may follow the look. The Bazaar issue featured a photo shoot that mixed ethnic styles with other trends seen on the fall 2012 catwalk: “psychedelic, boho, embellishment, sixties hippie and cosmopolitan globe trotter.” The final result looked like a woman that had traveled to different exotic locations but had kept her touch of urban style. In other words, Arabian prints mixed with embellished accessories, tribal prints mixed with leather, folklore mixed with Native American styles and lots of color! Vogue Brazil embraced Peruvian style, but Peru was just the beginning; the magazine went on to create a spectacular, really to-die-for photo shoot that featured many ethnic prints mixed together. They called it “Viva América”. Get inspired and add some nomadic or ethnic vibes to your outfit. Odds are you can mix both!

Spotted: Dream catcher-like necklaces from Joveeba, presented at this year’s L’Oreal Paris Runway.


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