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People are afraid of going back to school for obvious reasons: having to make new friends, worrying about getting picked on, or getting lost on the way to new classes. However, the worst one in my opinion is picking the perfect outfit that morning (or maybe you prepared it the night before).

This Fashionista was spotted on the first major day of move-in wearing an outfit that attracted great attention due to its bright hues. Even though the summer is coming to an end, vivid colors are still trending and it’s definitely the best way to stand out in a sea of people. I absolutely adore everything about this Fashionista’s attire from her delicate pearls to her patent platforms.

And who doesn’t love polka dots? The pattern is timeless and gives off a very feminine aura that goes along with this Fashionista’s cute and bubbly personality. To add to the overall cuteness of the dress, she wrapped a white satin belt around her waist and tied a little bow in the back. The belt provides an extra pop of color and also accentuates her tiny waist.

Because the dress is already classy and beautiful, simple accents would best complete the look. She sported an elegant pearl necklace intertwined with gold beads, adding a fun twist to the classic piece. The necklace is ideal because it is effortlessly sophisticated but also youthful because of the gold touch. Overall the outfit is minimal yet tasteful and gives off the best first impression.

So if you’re nervous about what to wear on the first day, don’t overdo it. Experiment with bright colors, simple designs, and minimal jewelry to look naturally stunning.


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