ACCESSORIES REPORT: Cross-Seasonably Cool

Accessories Report

On this cloudy and unseasonably chilly day, this Fashionista manages to stand out against the grey sky with her bright, yet practical outfit. As the sky poured cold rain, she was prepared with her boots and comfortable in the cool breeze with her sleeved shirt.

I was immediately drawn to the bright colors of her cotton shirt for how they stood out on their own and complemented that of her shorts. Her shirt, which reads, “Ford devours all” was purchased from a private eBay seller, who custom makes prints such as the one she’s wearing. For a similar look, try one of these baseball T-shirts with bright contrasting colors.

I also love the way this Fashionista pairs her shirt with her bright shorts, blending colors yet contrasting seasons within her outfit. Her baseball T-shirt represents a spring style, her shorts a summer style, and lastly her boots, which are typically associated with the winter or fall.

I like her use of these particular boots, because I feel that Dr. Martens boots are classically cool and incredibly versatile. Her brown leather pair serves the dual purpose of protecting her feet from the rain with their incredible grip and completing her seemingly effortless hip ensemble. Although she opted for a basic brown pair, Dr. Martens come in all sorts of colors, patterns, and styles, and all can be interchanged to create a different, yet equally unique look.

Lastly, her absence of any real jewelry is again functional (you don’t want her best silver exposed to the elements) and thematically appropriate since her outfit has an overall boyish quality to it. Letting her nose-piercing stand alone as her main accessory shows commitment and authenticity to her rainy day ensemble.

Spotted: Rumer Willis wearing a baseball T-shirt for a bohemian look.



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