In my book, a cheetah accessory is always a good idea, but knowing how to wear it is just as important. This Fashionista pulled it off nicely; she followed the basic rule, which is not to over do it. Choose one cheetah accessory and stick with it, the only exception is for clothes. When you decide to wear the same animal print for your shirt and pants, this works, but for accessories, not really; they work best when they stand out and that’s only possible if there is one of them.

Not only did this Fashionista use only one cheetah element, but she also wore it with neon, a color that works well with this print. If you’re outfit consists of pastel colors, such as a pink blazer and turquoise blouse, a nice cheetah belt or envelope purse will also look adorable (get inspired by this example). This print even looks great with jeans, like a double denim outfit paired with a cheetah heel. Needless to say, pretty much any color will look fine; just make sure its age appropriate. Sometimes cheetah can make your outfit look too old for you, like a red dress with a cheetah purse or an emerald-green gown. But then again, if your dress is all funky or was handpicked by CeCe Frey from the X Factor US, then there’s probably nothing to worry about.

Where can you snag your own cheetah purse? Try this inexpensive gorgeous one from American Eagle. Another option is a smaller purse—It’s a bit more expensive, but maybe you’d like to treat yourself to a holiday gift?

Spotted: Cheetah purse seen in Louis Vuitton’s fall 2012 runway show.


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