Accessories Report

Spotted just behind Bronfman building, a Fashionista who’s going classic and sweet with her look. Her entire outfit portrays a certain feminine charm despite a very dark color palette. However, where the delicacy of the look really comes into play is at the back of the Fashionista’s head with a black velvet bow.

The hair bow is a very alluring accessory when trying to dress to a fashionably girlie aesthetic. The bow brings with it a kind of desirable naivety.

This Fashionista opted for an American Apparel bow at the back of her head. This subtler choice allows the wearer to utilize the fashion without having to go to bold with the piece. Even milder options exist in a small bow-shaped hair clip or even tying a small ribbon into a bow shape around a hair elastic for a ponytail. More overt options are larger headband bows that can rest atop the head. These speak up quite loudly, but still hold the appeal of being on the softer side of bold accessories.

As a choice of placement at the back of her head, this Fashionista is permitted the option of going a little more detailed in the rest of her outfit. A very bold bow would require a simpler look so as not to contradict the piece or be overly accessorized. This Fashionista still keeps her look to a muted, yet trendy ensemble with a few other choice accessories such as a long necklace, vintage rings and a brown suede shoulder bag.

Whether you’re sporting a headband bow, fabric bow, hairclip bow or you’re going Lady Gaga with an actual hair bow, this is one accessory that is certain to turn a few heads!

Spotted: Bow hair accessories all over Zimmermann’s 2012/2013 swim collection and Louis Vuitton's 2013 ready-to-wear collection.


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