Accessories Report

I don't have the best eye sight, so when I'm looking for Fashionistas I am often squinting. My friends make fun of me for it and my parents nag at me for not wearing my glasses. Sometimes small accessories just aren't shiny or bright enough to catch my eye. But, sometimes those small accessories are the ones that need to be seen. I was so thankful when I spotted this week's Fashionista by her metallic bracelet, but I was lucky to be surpirised by an equally cool accessory when I got closer: her copper bone ring. 

I am always trying to add a little bit of edge to my outfits. Everyone has that need to feel tough in some aspect of life, right? Well, this Fashionista's ring made her outfit bad to the bone, literally. Bones are like the next step up from skulls. The distressed copper stacked ring was the perfect little addition to her simple outfit. The edgy add-on totally matches the non-chalant feel of her oversized cardigan-shawl and her too-cool-for-school boots. It only helps that her sweater is longer than her dress so her bare legs make her strappy black boots look even more tough. Props to this girl for adding some motorcycle chick edge to her ensemble. The mixed metallic cuff stands out agsinst her cream sweater and the embedded pyramid studs also strengthen her fierce image.

This Fashionista's outfit is rather simple, but that doesn't mean its any less chic. Her accessories, while giving off a strong vibe, don't overwhlem her outfit but enhance it. The metallic cuff can be worn with a more dainty top to bring out its bold rocker vibe or with a chucky sweater, like this Fashionista did, to create a more subdued feel. Her boney ring, however, is definietly the cherry on top. It's small enough to not scare people off, yet it still has that 'don't mess with me' impression. Very cool. 

Spotted: Structural bone details showed up in Christian Lacroix's spring 2009 runway show. 


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