ACCESSORIES REPORT: Accessorizing Within A Dress Code

Accessories Report

This Fashionista was spotted on her lunch break from her work in a biological research lab. I know, not exactly what you imagine young scientists hovering over petri dishes and test tubes to be wearing. However, she manages to stay within the parameters of her dress code by being more creative with the few accessories she is allowed to wear.

The first accessory I noticed was her gold Seiko watch, which serves both a practical and aesthetic purpose. In the middle of shooting her, she told me she had to be upstairs in exactly 15 minutes because she had to check on one of her experiments. Instead of digging haphazardly through her pockets to check the time on her cell phone, she simply lifted the sleeve of her French Connection ruffled dress shirt to reveal her demure and timeless watch.

One aspect of her lab dress code is that legs and feet must be covered at all times and this Fashionista manages to work within both of these parameters while still exuding her strong sense of style. The dark skinny jean fits her perfectly and is complementary to the loose fitting shape of her top. However, it is the shiny metallic Sperry Top-Siders that grabbed my attention since they are at once conservative in shape and structure (appropriate for the lab) and bold in texture and color (in tune with this Fashionista’s bubbly personality). 

Despite having on a super cute pair of flower earrings, a gold watch, and shiny boat shoes, this Fashionista names her hair as her favorite part of this outfit. Her neatly shaped and voluminous sock bun is noteworthy as yet another way this Fashionista was able to assert her own flavor within yet another restriction that her hair must be kept up and out of her face. This upgrade on the regular bun is perfect for daytime or evening and with a little practice will have you looking fabulous 24/7.
The most important lesson to learn from this Fashionista is that dress codes and other restrictions should only be looked at as fashion challenges and under no circumstances should restrict your sense of style.

Spotted: Kim Kardashian rocking a sleek sock bun.


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