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Halloween is just weeks away, and the world is on the prowl for costumes. When going vintage for the holiday, you are free to go all the way with an exact replica (or the real deal if you’re lucky enough to find an antique store to fit your needs). But when it's not Halloween and you’re just looking for a casual day time look, it’s a bit of a different story. By no means am I saying vintage is out. Vintage is definitely in. It’s just about finding the right ways to add little touches of the past without overdoing it.

Fashion is ever changing, but style is constant. So many of the styles we see on the racks today are direct flashbacks to a time long ago. One example is a pair of thick, plastic rimmed glasses like this Fashionista’s. Tortoise shell is no longer your grandfather’s staple. It’s a major fashion trend—think Johnny Depp. We are traveling back to the '50s where nerdy is cool. Ray-Ban is one company making bank on this trend. There are knock offs at every major retailer you can possibly think of. So many other accessories are following with this trend as well. Take a look at this Fashionista’s watch—it's tortoise shell too.

She’s got yet another vintage inspired feature in this outfit—her shoes. I’m sure we’ve all jumped on the oxford bandwagon at one point or another in recent months. This pair in particular is especially vintage looking with the worn down brown and fraying laces. Steve Madden knows his shoes, and these are the perfect pair. They are vintage and new in taupe, which is a great color for fall or summer. Even the cropped, cuffed up jeans have a little '50s feel to them.  Add some plaid and a loose cardigan to the ensemble and you’re set to go.

Spotted: From Marc Jacobs to J.Crew, fashion is making geek look chic one pair of glasses at a time.


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