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When categorizing boots, I break up the accessory into three different tiers. The first tier is for the classic boot: black or brown, ankle or knee-high. they are simple, basic and an absolute staple for every wardrobe. The second tier has some bolder choices: two-tone pieces, intricate laces and heels. However, this tier still sticks with solid and more muted colors like beige, gray and tan. Last is the third tier, home to the eccentric and beyond. This category is for the bright, the funky and the eye-popping. Everything from multicolored patterns to platform combat boots fit into this tier — and so does this Fashionista’s bold pair.

With her adorable floral lace-up boots (for a similar pair, check out these Dr. Martens), this Fashionista rocks a truly individual look. She pairs her unique boots with a rather simple but elegant ensemble: dark skinny jeans, a black belt with gold buckle, a black-and-white striped shirt, a soft green cardigan and a long gold necklace. This softer palette makes her boots pop, turning them into the center of her stunning look.

A boots trend I have noticed in the wardrobes of Fashionistas/os is that most of us have a pair or two of good, solid boots (the first tier). Then most of us have another pair that fits in the second. But only some of us have a third tier boot that we own, even though I know we all have contemplated buying that one crazy and amazing pair that we run across every once in a while when window shopping. But my advice to you Fashionistas/os, is to go out and buy that pair of boots and make them your own. Take a page out of this Fashionista’s book and don’t be afraid to make a statement with a sexy and eye-catching pair of boots.

There are countless designs available out there — enough to fit each of any individual's taste. Fashionistas, if you are looking for something bright but still sleek, check out this pair from Designers Remix Signature. Or, if you are looking from something a bit more bohemian, check out this pair of ankle boots from ModCloth. Fashionistos, you can go bohemian too with this awesome patterned pair of TOMS boots. Don't hold back in your boot choices any longer. Get out there and strut your stuff.

Spotted: Erdem's fall 2012 RTW collection is filled with gorgeous and unique boot choices. If you are looking for inspiration, definitely look at the boots in this fashion show. Bright colors and fun patterns can be seen throughout. 


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