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This post is for you, boys! This is something that I’ve been preaching for years. Every guy should own a pair of Timberland boots! Out of all male accessories, I have to say that Timberlands are most definitely my favorite. These boots make men look instantly fabulous! It’s no secret that this accessory is timeless. The Timberland Company was founded in 1918 and have become more than just a boot. Though traditionally invented as work boots, Timberlands have turned into a fashion statement. Celebrities such as Drake, Wiz Khalifa, Kanye West and Jay-Z style Timberland and the trend isn’t going away any time soon! That’s because this boot is the most perfect of example of an accessory embodying the two Fs: fashion and function.

Timberland boots are amazingly comfortable. Due to their mid-soles, Timberlands allow you to stand for hours. If standing for long periods of time isn’t exactly your hobby, Timberlands are also great for an array of occasions such as going out in the city, a hike, going to class or even going on a date. As if comfort isn’t already incredible, these boots have a weatherproof leather lining that will keep your socks dry! They will also keep you warm during your fifteen minute walks to classes. When taken care of, they can last a long time which is great because I guarantee you will want to wear them in the future.

Besides their practically and functionality, these boots are super stylish! They are perfect to wear with jeans and your favorite T-shirt or trousers and a button-down shirt for a more formal look. Regardless of what you choose to wear them with, they are the perfect contribution to your closet because they complement everything! This Fashionisto got the right idea for a day out in Ithaca’s commons. He styles his boots with blue jeans, a grey sweatshirt and his favorite Ray-Ban sunglasses. Though his look is casual, his boots help him look instantly put together. Another pro is that Timberlands elongate your body and make you appear taller which is a great confidence booster for anyone! People usually opt for the traditional wheat color yet Timberland boots also come in different colors such as olive or black. If you consider yourself a relatively modest and shy guy when it comes to fashion, Timberlands are the perfect accessory for you to try because they aren’t flashy. Find Timberlands at or even Nordstrom. 

So guys, if you don’t believe me, wear them just for one day. I’m positive that you won’t want to take them off.

Spotted: Men styling boots on Jeremy Laing’s runway!


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