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There are fewer things Floridians hate more than an unexpected cold front. However, in Tallahassee we get more of the country’s unforgiving weather than any other part of the sunshine state. While hitting 50 or 60 degrees might seem like nice weather to the rest of the U.S., here it’s very cold and after we pack up our winter clothes, there’s no going back. We are forced to work with whatever winter clothes we have left and hope the warmer weather comes back soon.

This Fashionista, a Miami native, was more than ready for summer when the weather dropped back down but she pulled through with summer whites and warm cottons. To start off, this Fashionista paired her tribal leggings with classic brown riding boots. This traditionally winter bottom sets off a great dynamic with the summer sweater she pairs with it. It’s light and white, bright and airy, which is perfect to keep around for shady summer days and windy beach trips. To top it all off, this Fashionista wore a knitted headband.  White wraps like this are simple to pair with already decorative outfits, but bright and printed ones help spruce up any everyday outfit. These keep your head and ears warm while still allowing for a stylish accessory for the winter time chills.

Overall this outfit is a great choice for class, shopping around the town or even for a lunch break at your sorority house. Either way, a classic winter look like this can be thrown together with summer favorites and left over winter classics.

Spotted: While traditional head wraps are a clear choice for the general public, some may be inspired by designers like Cynthia Rowley, who use bejeweled turban wraps in her 2014 resort collection.


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