ACCESSORIES REPORT: Whether Rain Or Shine, Add Some Grime

Accessories Report

Ever since I was a little girl, I remember my grandmother insisting on only leaving the house once she was equipped with an umbrella in her handbag as a safety precaution —even if it was a sunny day! I’ve taken to doing the same thing. When I saw this Fashionista walking through campus in the pouring rain, her use of sunglasses and umbrella resonated with me. I liked the optimism! Not to mention, that she looked ridiculously stylish despite the fact that Los Angeles natives cope with a little bit of rain similarly to how they would a record-breaking blizzard.

This Fashionista wore a beautifully unique and bright outfit. I loved that she paired the feminine skirt and graphic long sleeved shirt with shiny black Dr. Marten combat boots. I wear my own black ankle boots with every single outfit I own — my mother often despairs because I refuse to wear the other pumps or flats I own! However, I think there is nothing better than pairing a floral shift dress with harsher black boots to add that extra kick of necessary grunge. By pairing her boots with opaque tights, she made her ensemble more suitable for the cold and gloomy day. By sporting her boots, there is no way she would end her day with wet feet — a personal pet peeve of mine when wearing canvas shoes in the rain (if that’s what you call this LA drizzle).

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