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As most leaves have fallen here in D.C., reality has finally hit me that it is only getting colder from here. As I rush to class in the mornings to get to my 8 am, I am hit with the wind chill and know it is time to whip out my winter head-warming accessories. Whether it’s my ear-muffs, or woolen headbands to cover my ears, it’s time to stay warm. Sometimes though, it can be difficult to find the right accessories that will make one’s look stand out from all the other standard winter scarves and earmuffs. The Fashionista I found for this week knew exactly how to rock a beanie by being both practical for the weather and by making a fashion statement.

For the chilly fall day, this Fashionista wore an off-white knit sweater with teal shorts and black tights. To accessorize her look, she wore tan combat boots to pair well with her muted-tone sweater. As her bold piece in her ensemble, she sported a black and white mouse beanie.

Although this look would otherwise be your ordinary cold weather easy outfit, this Fashionista is a testament to the fact that with one unique piece in an ensemble, one can take their look form ordinary, to bold and memorable. Although the beanie is not a bright color, the shape and design is a loud enough statement that it does not need to be in color. Each individual should find what accessory will take their look to the next level, and for this week’s Fashionista, her Deadmau5 beanie did just that.

Spotted: Karl Lagerfeld recently revealed a new accessory line which includes an incredibly cool knit cat beanie.


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