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What’s in the box, in the box? What’s in the box today?

Except let’s switch up the lyrics a little bit and swap the word box with bag—because that’s exactly the question you’ll be asking when you see this Fashionista’s super cool see-through one.

Clear bags have been on the trend circuit for a while now, mainly in the form of box-shaped Perspex clutches, but I have never seen a bag like this Fashionista’s until now. A clear blue glitter bowling bag? Do I hear an O-M-G? Its unique look straightaway caught my eye. How could anyone miss all of that glittery goodness?

After all, I was used to spotting clear-coloured bags, maybe in neon shades like pink, orange or yellow, but I had never seen one like this Fashionista’s—bright blue and super sparkly.

Bags like these are perfect if you’re the sort of person who is always rummaging through their bag looking for things (I can definitely put my hand up here…). Wearing a clear bag means that you can easily spot where everything is. So it’s great for students who want a quick way to find their things, especially those who love taking photos­. How many of you can admit that you’ve missed a great photo opportunity because you couldn’t find your phone or camera in your bag and that Kodak moment just slipped by?

But if you feel nervous about having expensive items such as your phone, laptop or your wallet on show for anyone from your classmates to the creep on the train to see, I definitely suggest going for a coloured version of the clear bag, like this Fashionista’s. That way you can still enjoy this rad trend, but the contents of your bag aren’t fully on display.

Another bonus of going for a clear bag is that they’re waterproof. Are you heading to a festival this summer? Grab a clear backpack because if you plan on going in a bubble mosh pit or getting colourful at a paint party, your things won’t get damaged. During the wetter months, if you like going out at night a clear clutch (try this lacy one) is also a great way to keep your possessions dry if you don’t plan on bringing an umbrella.

It seems like jelly fashion items are certainly on their way back–if you caught my previous ACCESSORIES REPORT on jelly sandals, then you’ll know where I’m coming from. Say hello again to the trend of our childhood and grab yourself something see-through (accessories only please!) and it’ll be like Throwback Thursday everyday!

Spotted: Stella McCartney not only had clear clutches featured on her spring 2013 ready-to-wear runway collection, but she also had clear-heeled shoes.


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