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Stockton, I am beginning to discover, is a city of extremes. There will be no shops for miles, followed by two malls within the span of a two minutes’ walk. There are expanses of dry, unused land for sale, followed by blocks of bungalows packed as tightly as sardines in a can. And some of the very best restaurants are smack in the middle of the very worst neighborhoods. (These establishments often have few windows and should only be visited in the daylight.) But the severity of Stockton can be exemplified by nothing better than the weather. A mere few weeks ago, it was freezing cold and raining unrelenting buckets. Now, although we’ve barely had our first few tastes of spring, it seems Stockton is already set to move on into summer. Go figure, right?

When the sun is shining this brightly and the temperatures have reached the eighties before ten in the morning, it’s easy to reach for skimpy shorts, T-shirts and run-of-the-mill flip flops. But this Fashionista reminds us that there is such a thing as staying haute even when it’s hot — and what’s more, it’s not only completely feasible, it’s fun as well.

Today’s inspiration caught my eye immediately with her laidback look and bold bohemian flare. Her breezy floral dress provides the perfect easy foundation to her summery outfit, while the slouchy, pale lavender crocheted beanie adds a light kiss of spring.

But what really drew me in was this stylish student’s unique jewelry. Her necklaces are layered expertly, the delicate gemstone ring necklace balancing beautifully with the longer, earthier knotted strand of sandalwood and orange glass. As an added bonus, the orange beads coordinate perfectly with her citrusy sunglasses. And her intricate silver ring serves to add an air of intrigue to the ensemble without overwhelming the other distinctive accessories.

Channel this Fashionista’s free spirit with a long wooden bead necklace. Etsy has some nice affordable ones, while Acrimony has a particularly lovely (and particularly expensive) stunner. Then, don a floral-printed sundress, an effortlessly slouchy beanie and a cool ring. Finally, slip on some simple, chestnut-colored ballet flats — I love these ones by Tieks because they’re comfortable Italian leather, but have the additional benefit of folding up and storing away, making them perfect for painless shoe changes.

Now that your clothes are fit for Coachella, go out and enjoy the weather. Remember, the sun is shining — so your style should be, too.

Spotted: Saint Laurent spring 2013 ready-to-wear added sleek drama to their Coven-worthy looks with a tasseled incarnation of the long statement necklace.


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