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Can you say, oh là là? At least, that was what everyone in French class was saying when they saw this CollegeFashionista’s new kicks. I’m not kidding — it was the talk of the class. All too much, we are either criticized or in pain when it comes to wearing high-off-the-floor shoes (like pumps) across campus, but we have to give props to the girl who tries.

Wearing blue jeans, a white loose top and prescription glasses, her casual outfit can be worn by anyone and on any day. What makes this Fashionista stand out with style and poise are her shoes and her backpack. Her pair of wedges show a detailed pattern of a globe’s layout — intricate lines and countries mapped out with yellow shoelaces to contrast. In addition, her floral backpack is nothing short of cute. It features black leather straps and three outer pockets for any miscellaneous items.

To attract attention from your fellow fashion forward peers, don’t be intimidated to find certain treasures, like this Fashionista’s too-cool shoes, and make it the focal point of your attire. Try wearing your favorite pair of dark jeans and that one eccentric item you brought from your local thrift store to make you look chic and unique. And if you don’t want to stand out, students on various college campuses across the United States are strutting these floral backpacks from different designers and brands including this Fashionista’s JcPenny’s bag. They are convenient and big enough for those heavy textbooks.

Spotted: Although graphic wedges are becoming increasingly popular, sneakers are definitely in with Isabel Marant’s sneaker wedges becoming the hottest new pumped up kicks in 2013.


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