Accessories Report

Electric blue hit the runway with a splash. Whether it was royal, cobalt or incorporated into outfits and accessories, the color definitely made an impact on the fashion industry. My favorite color is blue and I definitely tried to embrace the trend by purchasing blue jewelry and handbags. Blue is a very versatile color because it can be worn into the spring and summer and the different hues can also be used in the fall and winter for little pops of color. Whenever you’re feeling down this spring season, instead of singing the blues, go put some on!

This Fashionista worked blue into her outfit with her statement necklace and headband. She pulled off the trend by wearing a basic-colored shirt underneath her cardigan, and the hint of blue in her headband complemented her necklace well. When trying to work this style into your outfit, pick different blue pieces so you don’t overdo it. A blue necklace and belt will look nice together, or even blue shoes with a belt and necklace. Just as long as the accessories are situated far enough away from each other in your outfit, you’ll be all set to go! This Fashionista completed her look by sporting a pair of silver and gold metallic loafers.

There are so many trends happening now that include bold colors and statement pieces. Sometimes Fashionistas can feel overwhelmed by all the colors and oversized jewelry that integrating them into your wardrobe can be difficult. Can’t wait to wear that big multi-colored statement necklace and blue oxfords? Go ahead and piece them together, but then wear a basic- and solid-colored top and a pair of jeans. Take chances this spring and you’ll be at the head of the class in the bluest way possible.

Spotted: Models at the Ellie Saab spring 2013 runway show looking electric in monochrome royal blue ensembles and accessories.


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