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I am a bit of a fanatic for 80′s movies. The big hair, the cheesy story lines and of course the fashion (who doesn’t love big shoulder pads and neon right?!). But I also love that 80′s movies have produced some of the best movie quotes of all time. “E.T phone home”, “I am your father”, but one of my favorites is Mr. Miyagi in the Karate Kid, “Wax on…wax off.” I know hes trying to make reference to karate but I think its applicable to fashion too, especially in terms of this week’s Fashionista.

This week’s Fashionista sported an olive green classic Barbour Beadnell Wax jacket. Too often you see the Barbour quilted jackets, so I find this Fashionista’s jacket really nice and classy alternative. I especially love the pattern on in inside of the sleeves and the corduroy collar. This Fashionista looks great with her wax on, but would also look amazing with her wax off! Under her jacket shes wearing a lace top and a comfy red and white stitched cardigan from Urban Outfitters, bridging the gap between being comfortable in class and having some stylish flair. Her Topshop shoes tie the whole outfit together, part leather part suede, understated but if looked at closely really edgy.

As well as being stylish the wax jacket is also really practical, its waterproof, warm and comes in different cuts, styles and patterns. I really like this black hooded one from ASOS, it makes the look a little more casual. For something a bit more feminine, this River Island waxed jacket comes in a light beige with a floral pattern inside and the pièce de résistance is that is has a faux fur collar. What’s so great about this Fashionista is that she shows that you don’t need to go home and change if you want a different look in the middle of the day, you just need a great jacket! It doesn’t need to be wax, but as long as you have a great outfit underneath and someone cool over top than it’s just jacket on, jacket off.

Spotted: For Burberry’s Fall 2012 ready-to-wear show, Christopher Bailey showcased some waxed cotton parkas.



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