Accessories Report

For me, there are few things worse in a college environment than being late to a two hundred person lecture. You tumble into the lecture hall and awkwardly squeeze past rows of concentrating students, only to drop a couple of belongings on the way, and fall on someone else’s lap. This hasn’t happened to you? Well then consider yourself lucky, and be glad that you aren’t in my shoes! There is a simple way to avoid being late. It’s a method that has been around for centuries yet is still a path relatively untraveled by younger generations: the watch.

A watch is a classic and timeless accessory that can be used as the focal point of an outfit in a chunky and bold design. It can also be daintily integrated with bangles and bracelets. This Fashionista looks super stylish in her business casual attire.  She keeps herself looking youthful yet remaining classy and elegant, with the use of gold accents along the neutral color palette of her speckled white and green blazer and cream blouse. Topping off the outfit, even with looming grey skies, Fashionistas in LA can’t go anywhere without a trusty pair of Ray-Bans.

All of this Fashionista’s accessories are beautifully vibrant in white gold tones that resonate charmingly with her ensemble. This Fashionista pairs delicate chain bracelets with a substantial BP watch. This method of accessorizing allows the watch to act as the statement piece of jewelry in her outfit. Nowadays, designers are becoming more and more experimental with the colors and designs of their timepieces; which allows for us to really use watches similarly to how we accessorize with a handbag or a pair of shoes. The gentle gold of her watch echoes the gold clasp of her Tory Burch shoulder bag. I love how although subtle, this Fashionista’s accessories add just the right amount of glamour to her otherwise conservative outfit.

Spotted: Burberry Prorsum displayed beautiful statement watches tinted in light blues and pinks for their spring 2014 ready-to-wear line.


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