ACCESSORIES REPORT: Wallets Are a Girl’s Best Friend

Accessories Report

Sometimes in life we carry too many burdens or problems on our backs and we really need some way to lighten the load. It hurts us mentally when we aren’t able to process through it. To make sense of the different issues going on in our lives we can either vent to a friend, or take some time to ourselves. Once we have reached a little clarity, the thing we’ve been holding onto feels lighter and we can suddenly move forward.

When it comes to fashion, sometimes the backpacks or purses we carry get too heavy and end up hurting us physically. As we race from class, work or to that special night out, sometimes it’s simply easier to carry a wallet or wristlet as we go on to our next destination.

I spotted this Fashionista in a classic, feminine look that is perfect for a cold day in December. To keep it simple yet sophisticated she wore a monochromatic look offset by a bright pair of burgundy pants. She wore a lovely black and white scarf which complemented her dark gray sweater and black and silver flats perfectly. To add some holiday sparkle, she adds silver bangles to her black, white and white outfit. However, what stood out to me most was her leather black wallet. Since it is black, it not only ties the whole look together but keeps all her essentials in one place so she’s not tied down by too much baggage.

Black wallets and wristlets are the best type of pairing for Fashionistas on the go. During the school day pair your black wallet with dark denim  jeans and a comfy sweater and scarf for a laid-back look. When you’re on your way to an internship, pair your wallet with a blazer, button-down and pencil skirt. You can keep your internship identification in the wallet and pull of a really professional look. To avoid rummaging through a big purse on a date night, carry a wallet instead with a casual dress or dress pants and a flowy blouse. No matter how you pair your wallet with your ensemble, you will feel in control and won’t be weighed down by fashion mishaps.

Spotted: Yves Saint Laurent featured black wallets and other small black purses in her spring 2014 ready-to-wear show.


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