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Brimming with the sight of plaid and smell of freshly brewed joe, it can be said that the Seattle scene typically embraces it’s laid-back, hipster ambiance. Somewhere between Nirvana’s grunge rock and Macklemore’s billboard number one, thrift store chic crosses the lines of music and mentality to a state of fashion and trends.

Living in a city with such an iconic history and fashion, the popularity of thrifting has developed into a fun way to find the most unique pieces. The best part about thrifting is that even though it’s second-hand clothing, what you create with it becomes first-hand fashion. My complete adoration of this Fashionista’s hat led me to find out that she actually got her hat from Value Village—an amazing find for her, less so for me. Nevertheless, this Fashionista takes thrift shop chic to a whole new level by putting a feminine twist on her contemporary, urban look.

Though thrifting can take some time to browse through, when you do come across those hidden treasures, it’s more than just a bargain deal. While this Fashionista found this fabulous hat from a thrift shop, your luck at your own local thrift store for a statement hat like hers might not be as easy. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery so instead, choose from a variety of on-trend felt hats in multiple colors from a department store like Nordstrom.

She pairs her feminine hat with a one-of-a-kind corduroy overall dress in navy blue, loose-fitting and still effortlessly cool. She then pairs a light gray infinity scarf with a nude colored fur cardigan, sticking with softer colors to complement the darker neutrals of her accessories and rest of her outfit. Tights are the perfect addition to any winter wardrobe, as they add a feminine, yet warmer, flair for any leg-baring outfit.  Her black polka-dotted tights paired with her combat boots enhance the vintage feel of thrift store chic. For a bit of grunge, don’t worry about a few holes or rips in your tights, but rather leave them be to embrace a more natural style.

Not only is it inexpensive, but this Fashionista proves that thrifting can be just as original and fashionable.Whether you’re a daily regular or it’s your first time, some tips for thrifting is to both know what you want, but also be open-minded as the possibilities are endless and you never know what you will find! Here’s to “poppin’ tags” and coming out “a fashion killa.”

Spotted: Hedi Slimane reintroduces Yves Saint Laurent’s spring 2013 ready-to-wear collection with all the women modeling chic, wide-brimmed hats.


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